One Honey Boutique Interview w Designer Lookout

11:55 AM

Happy Wednesday everyone!

We have some exciting news to tell you all, we were recently interviewed by an exciting new website called Designer Lookout, its a directory of all the hotest Boutques and Designer Labels in Australia, such a great tool for those fashionistas on the go!

You can download their FREE iPhone app and find all the hottest Boutiques closest to you … Including yours truly!!! The app even provides driving directions to the stores, how good is that!

One Honey Boutique Designer Lookout Profile

We update our profile there each week, including posting new images and updating our new styles and products as they come in, and we also offer an exclusive discount code on our profile there too...

Whats the discount code you say?? Well.... you will have to take a look at our Designer Lookout Profile to find out! LOL

Read the full interview Here and download the App

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