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We've noticed a trend amongst fashion bloggers recently; designer inspired tees. In particular, the Celine replica tee has been taking the fashion blogging world by storm, and you can now join in on the trend at One Honey Boutique with this awesomely funny 'Celine Dion' tee. Never ones to take ourselves too seriously, we love the tongue in cheek attitude of this otherwise classic design, and we have plenty more cheeky t-shirts that are bound to put a smile on your face. 

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You may have noticed a slight trend in the celebrity world recently, for the Givenchy 'Rottweiler' tee, seen gracing the torsos of everyone from Kylie Jenner, to Kanye West and the ever-fashionable Rihanna. Well, now you can join in on the trend in cheeky One Honey fashion with this awesome 'Catvinchy' tee; we know you can't resist that word play!

The Chanel No 5 design is one of the most commonly replicated designer slogans out there. Petals and Peacocks have added a little edge to the otherwise luxurious connotations of the Chanel branding by adding a some-what controversial twist. With their belief of not taking life too seriously, it's no surprise they've pushed boundaries with this design, and personally we love it! 

Taking inspiration from the ever classic Givenchy logo, Petals and Peacocks have adopted their usual care-free vibes into this playful design. The play on words is clever, controversial and a subtle hint to the Givenchy brand. Ideal for the fashion lover with a sense of humour.

Following the dropping of the 'Yves' from the Yves Saint Laurent brand, there was a little bit of discussion on the controversial decision to change the iconic brands name to the simpler 'Saint Laurent'. We adore this subtle nod to one of our favourite designers. You can't beat a little cultural designer inspiration for a perfect casual, everyday tee. 

What do you think of these tongue-in-cheek designs? Let us know which is your favourite in the comments below!

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