Celebrity Style File: Jessie J

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We pretty much love everything there is to love about British Songstress, Jessie J! Her style, her music, her personality...she's an all-round winner in our eyes! 

The 24 year old beauty has an undeniable vocal talent, but she also has an incredible ability to pull off some of the wackiest outfits we've ever seen (with the exception of Lady Gaga of course, because lets face it, it doesn't get much weirder than a dress made of meat does it?), but on a more 'normal' level, Jessie J is probably the only person in the world who can put on a printed lycra catsuit and Dr.Marten boots and still look incredible. 
With a wardrobe brimming with crop tops, high-waisted pants, eccentric prints, leotards, and some beautifully unique red-carpet dresses, Jessie's is certainly one closet we wouldn't mind having the chance to raid! Jessie didn't even let the unpleasant addition of a leg cast affect her style last year after an accident left her in a boot for weeks; she simply decorated the booth with crystals to make it more suitable to her personality. 
Of course, not everyone wants to dress in head-to-toe matching print, or skin tight high-wasited pants, but there are some elements of Jessie's wardrobe that can help add a little eccentricity to even the plainest of wardrobes.

Case in point- her love of Henry Holland tights. Often seen wearing her 'Super Suspender' tights as well as the 'I'm Laddered' designs, Jessie J includes the crazy designs not only in her professional life, as seen in her video for Domino, but also her personal life. As the face of House of Holland for Pretty Polly hosiery, it's unsurprising that she is in possession of the tights, but it's good to know she practices what she preaches and wears them out of choice as well as for work purposes.

Jessie J is often spotted adding a little bit of her quirky personality to her outfits with the addition of bright red skinny jeans, meaning even her most casual attire still reflects her crazy, fun, personality! 
Of course no outfit is complete without the addition of a few amazing accessories, something that Jessie J does so well! We love everything from her nerd glasses, to her huge simple gold hoops and her gorgeous leopard ankle boots!
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Jessie's eccentricity doesn't stop at her clothing, she expands it into her ever changing hair styles and of course her make-up! Being a British artist, Jessie has quickly become synonymous with all things 'Union Jack' and these awesome Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos are no exception. Often seen experimenting with multiple different wacky lip styles, everything from silver sequin effects to jet black lips, the Union Jack style is probably one of her most famous looks. 
And purely because we love her style, here are some more pictures of Jessie J wearing some of our favourite outfits, for you to lust over! 

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