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Ever wondered how celebrity ladies get that perfect hour glass figure? Why all our favourite famous faces always have smooth, hot, curves rather than the usual lumps and bumps us normal ladies are stuck with? Well wonder no longer girls, as we have the answer: Shapewear!

Everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Adele, and even Beyonce, wear shapewear underneath all their favourite dresses to give them that super flat stomach, smooth curves and the perfect hour glass figure. Some of our favourite ladies even go as far as doubling up their shape wear, with Adele admitting to wearing FOUR pairs of shaping underwear underneath her dress at the Grammys! Now that is dedication to the cause! 

We believe every girl should own some sort of shapewear, no matter what your size! If you're struggling to get that zipper up on your favourite dress, just slip on some shapewear underneath as it makes the world of difference. Not only does it help with flattening the stomach and lifting the bum, it also hides any unwanted lumps, bumps and underwear lines leaving you looking smooth, toned and most importantly, hot!

Now, just be careful not to reveal your secrets like these unfortunate celebrity ladies! 


The Half Body Shaper is probably the most popular style of shapewear, perfect for wearing underneath your favourite dress. The structure of the garment is designed to hold in the stomach and lift the bum, leaving you with a figure to die for. Sitting just underneath the bust, they are the perfect style for those of you who like/need to wear your own bra underneath your favourite dress. The shorts are long enough to smooth the upper-thigh but short enough to hide underneath your dress! We would recommend these to any of you who are lusting after our gorgeous Bandage Dresses but are worried that the fitted style may leave you feeling self conscious! 

The Full Body Shaper is a full length strapless dress, perfect for wearing underneath any high-cut or strapless dresses. This style is designed to hold you in all over, and leave you looking smooth and toned. These are great if you have a shorter style dress as you can pull the skirt up to the required length. They are also perfect for those of you who would prefer to wear a skirt rather than the shorts. Beautiful celebrity ladies like Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner also wear this style underneath dresses that may be slightly more revealing, such as those with mesh panelling as a way of looking in shape whilst also acting as a slip.3

The G-String Shaper is designed to hold in the stomach, and leave you with the perfect flat tummy! No need to worry about looking bloated after eating before a night out with this secret weapon! Avoid any dreaded VPL with the G-String style, whilst still having the benefit of the contouring power of shapewear. 

Everyday Essentials

As well as our must-have shapewear, we also have an amazing selection of everyday essentials available at One Honey Boutique. The everyday essentials collection consists of everything all girls need to have on hand in their wardrobe to combat all situations. From gel pads that ensure you can wear even your highest of heels all night long without having to end the night barefoot, carrying your hottest shoes in your hand, to basic nipple covers that mean you can wear that super sexy low back dress without having to wear/ expose your bra or losing your dignity! 
SHOP: Stiletto Gel Pads

SHOP: Dress Tape
We also have an amazing selection of tanks, tee's, slips and singlets available. These essentials basics are made of the highest quality material that will stand the test of time. The super stretchy, slim fitting material means you can wear these basics either on their own or underneath other items without the dreaded scrunched up effect of a usual t-shirt. Wear a slip underneath your favourite tight fitting dress to achieve the smooth-all-over look, or slip on a basic singlet underneath your favourite jumper for an extra layer of warmth that wont interfere with the fit of your outer layers. 

SHOP: Basic White Tee, Basic Black Tee
SHOP: Basic White Singlet, Basic Black Singlet
SHOP: Basic White Slip, Basic Black Slip

All of these items are imperative towards the completion of any successful fashionistas wardrobe. Be sure to stock up on all our latest essentials so you never find yourself caught in a fashion crisis, and are always able to wear what you want, when you want, with a little help from all our best fashion secrets! 

Have you tried shape-wear before? Who's your celebrity body crush? Let us know in the comments below!

One Honey Boutique Girls xxx

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