Celebrity Style File: Beyonce

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We LOVE Beyonce, and it's probably fair to say that pretty much every girl does! Her amazing voice, her sweet personality, her perfect family life, and of course her incredible style, this lady has it all! With all that she has already achieved in her life, it's hard to believe that Beyonce is only 30 years old. With a massively successful career under her belt and now the addition of her beautiful baby girl Blue Ivy into her life, she's the superwoman who handles her working career with being a new mum, and always manages to look perfectly on-trend. 

She can pull off everything from bright neon's and print clashing, to 90's grunge, old Hollywood red carpet, androgynous glamour, and everything in between! We envy just how perfect her style is on every occasion, and would definitely love to have this girl as a BFF to swap clothes with! 
Ever since becoming a new mummy, Beyonce has been showing us exactly how to make flat shoes as stylish as those killer heels we are more used to seeing her in! With a little bit of leopard print, and interesting style such as brogues, or some classic style sandals, paired with the right outfit even flats can look super glamorous. We have some great choices of flat shoes available at One Honey Boutique, including Leopard Brogues, Leopard Flats, Leopard Sandals, and some Brightly Coloured Loafers, which will all add a little pop to any outfit whilst still being comfortable enough for running around in on a daily basis. 
If there is one particular thing Beyonce does well, it's accessorising. Although it sounds simple, sometimes it can be difficult to find those perfect accessories that top off an outfit, adding a new dimension to the look and taking your style from simple, to well thought-out and on trend. With everything from the perfect Casual Beanie, to a huge selection of over-sized sunglasses and an abundance of Jewellery, Beyonce is rarely seen without some form of accessory. We particularly love her Coloured Wayfarer sunglasses, a look you can get for less with One Honey Boutique. 
As we descend into the coldest of the winter months here in Sydney, it's becoming imperative that we all wear some form of jacket to cover up and keep ourselves warm in the bitter winds. Of course covering up doesn't have to mean loosing your sense of style, as Beyonce shows us in these stunning Bright Red Blazer. The colour-pop is so on-trend right now, and looks amazing against a backdrop colour of an all black outfit, remaining fashionable whilst also being practical. Dress down the look with a Simple White Singlet, some Light Blue Jeans and a Leopard Scarf, or switch to some Leather Look Leggings and Killer Heels for the perfect evening look. And if Red isn't your colour, then why not try this stunning Yellow Tuxedo Style Jacket, to get yourself that Beyonce-style glamour, and add a pop of sunshine brightness to your wardrobe. 

And just to further prove that the queen of pop is both completely stunning and completely on-trend at all times, here are some more incredible outfits that will no doubt leave you envious of this very lucky lady. 
 SHOP- Black Jumpsuit
 SHOP- Leopard Print Ankle Boots

Are you a fan of Beyonce? What's your favourite look of hers? Leave us a comment below and let us know which Beyonce-style items you are currently lusting after!

One Honey Boutique Girls xxx

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