Trend Report: Neon Neon Neon

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Neon is one of the biggest trends in the fashion world at the moment, with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Lady Gaga seen adopting the look in a variety of different ways. Be it a simple pop of neon via a blazer or a pair of heels, or full on head-to-toe neon outfits, all of the most fashionable ladies have been seen attempting the neon look in some way or another. 

We've fallen head over heels for this current trend, and are absolutely loving the neon trend! Obviously not everyone is adventurous as Katy Perry, and we won't all be seen walking around in a head to toe neon green outfit, but that doesn't mean neon is totally out of the picture for the more timid of us. 
If subtle is the way you play, these Neon Yellow 'Illusionist' Heels are the perfect way to add a little colour to your outfit, without taking the neon trend too overboard. These look stunning teamed with a classic little black dress as a way of spicing up a basic outfit, or teamed with jeans and a black blazer, just like Kim Kardashian, for a more casual take on the trend. 
To transition the neon trend into a day-time look whilst still remaining subtle, team these gorgeous Bright Orange Loafers with your best skinny jeans and a fur vest, or dark blazer for a casual, every day outfit that's perfect for shopping trips or running errands whilst still looking stylish. 
Nicki Minaj has been seen rocking the neon colours on multiple occasions, and this neon colour block black contrast dress has to be one of our favourites! Incorporate all of the neon brights into your wardrobe with one simple dress, with this stunning Colour Block Dress that allows you to grab Nicki's look for less! 
Neon pink is another popular colour trend amongst all those stunning celebrity ladies, appearing everywhere from colour pop heels, to dip-dye hair styles! We have an amazing selection of bright neon pink pieces that will allow you to get that celebrity look for less, and will add a stunning pop of colour to your wardrobe. 
If we've not yet done enough to convince you that the neon trend is one that you simply cannot miss out on, then the following items may just push you over the edge. With everything from Neon Coral Mini Skirts, to Neon Leopard Flats and Stunning Highlighter Yellow Dresses, we have something for absolutely everyone, that will leave you all looking celebrity stylish, on-trend and will certainly help you stand out from the crowd! 
SHOP- Neon Pink Strappy Leg Mini Dress

Are you loving the neon trend as much as we are? What's your favourite neon item? How would you style neons? Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts and feelings on this latest style! 

One Honey Boutique Girls xxx

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